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After completing our  contact form below, you will be teamed up with your personal Real Estate Advisor. He or she will work with you to answer your questions, develop a strategic action plan, build the real estate investment portfolio you need, and reach your long term financial goals. 

Your Real Estate Advisor is similar to a real estate investing knowledge database that you have full, unrestricted access to. Your personal Real Estate Advisor will help you: 

  • Understand your current financial and investing position. 

  • Determine your investing goals, risk tolerance and time horizon, and how real estate investments fit into this picture. 

  • Create a customized strategic action plan for developing your real estate investment portfolio. 

  • Take action and re-visit this action plan over time as your circumstances and goals may change. 

Our Real Estate Advisors are active real estate investors themselves and this direct, hands-on experience of our team members allows you to invest with confidence. We are industry professionals that take a holistic approach to your investing success by referring you to our network of professional accountants, financial planners, or estate planners when necessary.