Build Your Diversified Real Estate Portfolio

iversification is a fundamental component of building a strong and stable investment portfolio. When you have multiple channels of investments, the fluctuation of one market is far less likely to drastically affect your entire portfolio. With a diversified investment portfolio that also generates passive income, you won’t have to rely only on pensions and RRSPs to have a sustainable standard of living in your retirement years.  

While there are many investment options to choose fromowning real estate investment properties is one of the best ways to diversify your investment portfolio. Real estate can help balance out riskier investments and provide a strong safety net for retirement. 

The importance of a diverse portfolio cannot be overstated. We have a network of investment management associates, financial planners, and estate planners who agree that investment portfolio diversification through THE STRATEGIC INVESTMENT REALTORS® TEAM’s turnkey system is a solid strategy for success. 

How is Real Estate A Way to Better Diversify Your Investment Portfolio? 

Real estate is one of the best ways to diversify your investment portfolio and save for retirement for several reasons. (See Benefits of Multi-Family Real Estate.) However, not all real estate investments are created equally. Some are riskier than others. Some are time-intensive and burdensome to manage and maintain. 

THE STRATEGIC INVESTMENT REALTORS® TEAM have created a turnkey approach to real estate investing. We developed a strategic system that enables you, the investor, to reap the benefits of diversification, generate a passive income, and own multiple multi-family revenue-producing investment properties without sacrificing your time or energy to acquire or maintain your investments. 

The Virtual Apartment Building System®

Your personal Virtual Apartment Building System® helps you grow your net worth, generate a passive stream of income and secure your standard of living when you retire through capital appreciation. 

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The Virtual Apartment Building System® is designed to support and simplify the purchase, financing, and management of your real estate investments. It gives you the ability to own multiple revenue-producing properties from growth-oriented and geographically diverse real estate markets in North America. 

Our system is unique in its approach to diversify your investment portfolio through selecting geographically diverse and diligently chosen real estate properties. We do this in order to leverage the economic variance between different marketsThe Virtual Apartment Building System® enables you to invest without requiring the substantial time commitment associated with legal paperwork, market assessments, renovations or tenant maintenance, which are inherent inconveniences in investment property ownership.  

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When you purchase an investment property through THE STRATEGIC INVESTMENT REALTORS® TEAM, you will secure the individual title to a multi-family residential investment property that has been hand-chosen, diligently scrutinized for profitability, and can be managed by our strategic alliances for maximum profitability and time-savings. 


virtual apartment building portfolio

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Are You Interested in Creating Your Own Virtual Apartment Building? 

Here’s How to Get Started: 

  • Your first step in learning how you can create your own diversified real estate portfolio through our Virtual Apartment Building System® is to  request a Real Estate Advisor. 

  • Your personal Real Estate Advisor will help you develop and implement a customized real estate action plan based on your personal profile and specific financial and retirement goals. 

Build Your Diversified Investment Portfolio Through Real Estate and Start Building a Passive Income for Life! 

One of the most common regrets of all real estate investors is:  "I wish I had started sooner!"  And it is often said - "Don't wait to invest in real estate; invest in real estate and wait." Call THE STRATEGIC INVESTMENT REALTORS® TEAM today at 1.855.876.7334 or request to contact a real estate advisor online. 

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