Selling Investment Property in Canada 

Before you buy investment real estate in Canada, it’s important to understand the process and outcomes of selling investment property in Canada. 

While we encourage our clients to adopt a long-term mindset for their investment properties, we are aware that life circumstances can and do change. Whether you’re thinking of selling your investment property to realize capital appreciation in your retirement years, or because of changes in your current financial situation, Strategic Investment Realty is here to help you make an informed decision.  

Speak with your  Real Estate Advisor before making a firm decision to sell. They can offer  substantial  insight into  important determining factors,  such as market timing and pricing, and offer you  unique insights aboutselling  your investment property in Canada,  if  you’re looking for quick capital.  

Your Real Estate Advisor  is there for you through every step of the real estate purchasing and selling process. He or she can  provide you with access to a strategic network of buyers through our resale program  or help you  list your property with a local realtor.  Our  Real Estate Advisors  can  connect you with  a strategic  alliance  realtor  you can trust  in the  area your property is located, to save you the hassle of finding buyers from afar. 


Here are some  tips  on  how to sell your investment property in Canada: 

  • Contact the condominium manager to determine whether your unit is rented or vacant. If it is rented, request the details of the lease,  including rental  rate  and  the date the lease is set to expire. 


  • Ask the condominium manager for a copy of the policies and procedures regarding the sale of your property, as well as the current  contact information for the resident manager. 



We  look forward to providing you with the  resources you need to seamlessly sell real estate investment properties in Canada and the United States.  Contact a real estate advisor  today to get started!  



By Andrew Schulhof
18 Nov 2016